Poet & Motivational Speaker Laura Chagnon Visits the Agawam Library for Poetry Month

Agawam, MA, April 20, 2017 at 7:00: West Springfield poet, Laura Chagnon will visit the Agawam Library to share her poetry as well as her story of a life changing accident, and how she overcame adversity to be able to do what she loves.  Never Touched A Pen, her first published book was written by dictating her words to her caregivers, as Chagnon is legally blind and a quadriplegic.

Chagnon was 26 in1989, when walking down a street in Boston she was assaulted “for no reason other than theft.” She does not recall the exact events but woke up in New England Medical Center after 5 weeks in a coma.

Please call 789-1550 x4 or register for this program online at www.agawamlibrary.org.


Craft Supply Swap

Agawam, MA, April 10-22, 2017: It’s time for spring cleaning! Start by donating leftover or never used craft supplies, then come “shopping” for a new craft or restock your current project for free! (All donations must be clean and in good condition, and in original packaging or clear zippered bags.) Donations accepted during library hours from April 10-22 and may be dropped off in the huge basket in front of the Circulation Desk. Shopping days will be Thursday, April 27 from 5-7, Friday, April 28 from 3-5 and Saturday, April 29 from 10-12. Bags will be supplied and shoppers may fill one bag per day. Donation suggestions include scrapbooking, kids craft kits, craft storage, art supplies and fabric.

AuthorTalk with Kate Anderson Author of Shadows in the Ward

Agawam, MA, April 3, 2017:  Local author Kate Anderson will visit the Agawam Library to read from and discuss her latest novel Shadows in the Ward.

Anderson’s protagonist from Hospital Hill, Valerie Martin, is now a supervisor at Westborough State Hospital and welcomes psychiatric nursing student Anna Gilman with a warning not to settle in.  Heeding Valerie’s words, Anna struggles to maintain calmness in an increasingly anxious situation with patient Peder Roderick, who has a history of violence.  Anna realizes nothing at the hospital is as it seems.

Katherine Anderson is a special education teacher and urban exploration photographer. Her first book, Behind the Walls was released in 2006 and has been released in numerous subsequent editions. Her first novel, Hospital Hill, was released ten years later.  Kate is also a freelance journalist and amateur fashion photographer. The covers of her books are designed from her own photos.

Please call 789-1550 x4 or register for this program online at www.agawamlibrary.org

The History of the New England Maple Sugar Harvest with Dennis Picard

Agawam, MA, March 6, 2017 at 7:00:  Dennis Picard from the Storrowton Village Museum will visit the Agawam Public Library to present a program exploring the history and folklore of maple sugar making in New England, from the Native Americans to the end of the 19th century.

Please call 789-1550 x4 or register for this program online at www.agawamlibrary.org. This event is sponsored by the Agawam Center Library Association.


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AuthorTalk with PEZ author Shawn Peterson

December 5, 2016:  Shawn Peterson will discuss his passion for all things PEZ and the history of the company that makes it in a presentation based on his new book “PEZ: From Austrian Invention to American Icon” at the Agawam Library on Monday, December 5, 2016 at 7:00.   In addition to PEZ’s colorful past, Peterson will share his own story, from initially picking up a few PEZ dispensers at a flea market near his home in Kansas City, to later parlaying his interest into his dream job in Connecticut.  He has a wealth of knowledge to share on the topic, from insights on some of the unusual or most sought-after collectibles to insider tips on collecting.

                  The public is invited to bring a favorite PEZ dispenser to the event and can take home a free PEZ candy sample!

To register for this event, please call the library at 789-1550 x4 or visit www.agawamlibrary.org.